Welcome to Fritz Energy

Fritz Energy is the brainchild of Mr. Hermann Mallia, who ten years back envisaged the ever increasing need of competent contractors that can execute turnkey projects that are geared towards greener technologies and the new economy.

The driver behind this interest can be traced back to the fact that Malta was becoming more and more in line with the European model of creating an eco friendly industry. From then on it was clear enough that in order to meet these new needs cutting edge technology and competent human resources were the key to success. Since the company’s inception, Fritz Energy has become synonymous with customer centricity.

Complementing the service portfolio, Fritz Energy is also supported by two more divisions of the Famalco Group. Fahrenheit and Faceworks provide the logistics and the demolition services that may be needed whenever turnkey works are executed.

As the company grows, the Mechanical and Electrical engineering content will increase to cater for more complex projects and increased service content and become a leading engineering firm.